Pre-built Data Sources

Satori Helps Create "One Version of the Truth" Reporting for your Business

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Enterprise-wide Reporting

Reporting best practice is to have all your companies data centralized in one place for one version of the truth reporting. Satori helps you centralize your data by starting with a pre-built model to replicate your most complex system - NetSuite. Then, we can help you integrate all your other data sources.

Satori has pre-built data models for more than just NetSuite and access to hundreds of pre-built connectors to a variety of end-points. For example: SalesForce, Dynamics 365, Google Analytics and AdWords.

Built for Netsuite and Power BI

Built for Netsuite and Power BI

We proudly have been certified/verified by both NetSuite and Microsoft. With NetSuite updating 2x/year and Power BI 1x/month, we make sure to stay on top of all the changes so you don't have to - ensuring you have no business interruptions to your reporting.

Our team consists of experts across all types of applications, including but not limited to: NetSuite, Power BI, Azure, SalesForce and many more.