Turnkey NetSuite Reporting in PowerBI

Finally the NetSuite Reporting Solution everyone has been asking for!

Satori means moment of enlightenment. Satori Reporting's entire mission is to provide NetSuite users reporting enlightenment! Okay - and a huge ROI. But enlightenment sounded more 2019.

So, how did Satori Reporting come to be?

I'm a certified NetSuite implementation consultant and after years + hundreds of NetSuite implementations/projects my clients were still looking for a better way to solve their NetSuite reporting requirements despite promises. Namely those requirements included:

1. Inability to have multiple joins in a single Saved Search

2. Inability to join their other systems data with their NetSuite data without a very expensive and complex solution (i.e. Salesforce, Google Analytics, homegrown systems, etc.)

3. Poor quality financial and operational dashboards/reporting/analytics

So, our clients starting trying out EPM tools (such as Adaptive Insights) without much luck. Because EPM tools simply can't handle operational data - they just aren't designed that way. See chart for a comparison of NetSuite vs. EPM vs. Satori Reporting.

NetSuite Reporting vs. EPM vs. Satori Reporting

So, after understanding all the challenges of NetSuite reporting and EPM solutions - I was tired of the status quo. So, the Satori team set out to develop the most scalable and valuable NetSuite reporting tool on the market (internally we just say "kick ass"). See below for a chart detailing the common Satori Reporting use cases.

Satori Reporting Key Use Cases


Additionally, part of our mission to provide a positive ROI for all our customers. That said - the ROI on our solution is quick and easy:

ROI Scenario 1: Most mid-market companies using NetSUite have 5 employees (from various departments) preparing regular reports/dashboards. If each of these employees is valued at $100/hr (fully loaded) and they can save 50hours over the course of the year (or 1hr/week) you would save $25,000/year. Our solution is only $10k/year, resulting in a 250% ROI!

ROI Scenario 2: If your revenue is $15M/year and you can extract a pricing, volume or customer insight quicker or better because of using Satori Reporting, that could improve revenue at a minimum .25%, which would be $37,500 in annual recurring additional revenue. Yielding an ROI of 375%/year.

ROI Scenario 3: If your COGS or SG&A is $10M/year and can extract a way to optimize costs quicker or better because of using Satori Reporting that could reduce costs at a minimum .25%, which would be $25,000 in annual recurring savings. Yielding an ROI of 250%/year.

ROI Scenario 4: If you plan to sell the company and can gain the additional EBITDA from scenario 2 or 3, multiply that improvement $ by your trading multiple to see the increase in valuation/sales price. $37,500 x multiple of 5 = $187,500 higher sales price$25,000 x multiple of 5 = $125,000 higher sales price.

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We are very excited to continue to provide a tremendous ROI for all our customers. Let us know if you'd like a demo or more information about Satori Reporting.

Note: Satori Reporting is SuiteApp pending.

Josh, CEO


Certified NetSuite Implementation Consultant