The Ultimate Automated SaaS Reporting Package

Updated: Jan 31

Is your SaaS reporting process painful and manual?

We’ve heard from CEOs and CFOs of leading software companies that they unanimously are struggling in this area and strongly desire their reporting process to be:


They want reports and metrics updated automatically (i.e. daily) without any human intervention. This way, leadership more pro-actively run the business by reviewing performance as needed (i.e. mid-month) instead of only after month-end close.

No Excel

There is no giant excel workbook that makes us rely on a particular resource to obtain all our key SaaS metrics and reports. 90% of spreadsheets have errors and these reporting packages can’t be wrong (i.e. board/investor deck).

Key SaaS Metrics/Analysis

You simply can’t produce key SaaS metrics/analytics (i.e. unit economic level of detail

reporting) in an ERP system. Additionally, it’s nearly impossible in excel

since you need access to all your transaction level detail. The C-Level is

looking for a level of reporting that provides data-driven operational insights and not just GL level results.

Enterprise-wide Reporting Solution

Companies want one reporting tool for all their data sources (i.e. a complete solution

that includes NetSuite, Salesforce and Google Analytics/AdWords).in order to provide them with one version of the truth.

Are these your pain points?

Satori Reporting is proud to release a SaaS company specific reporting package for companies using NetSuite that addresses the key requirements listed above. We now offer 20+ Pre-built SaaS reports that were designed by a SaaS CEO and CFO with years of SaaS reporting experience.

Some of the key reports included in the package are:

  • SaaS Financial and Operational Overviews

  • Unit Economics

  • SaaS KPI TTM trends

  • SaaS Benchmarks vs your data

  • MRR Analysis

  • Revenue Analysis

  • Cohort Waterfall and Analysis

  • Revenue Forecasting

  • Deferred Revenue Waterfall (by currency)

Pre-built integrations:

  • Salesforce

  • Google Analytics and AdWords

  • Additional integrations available

Unlimited joins across NetSuite’s ARM module:

For example, we can display revenue by item because we have unlimited joins

across the revenue management module (i.e. Sales Orders through Revenue Arrangements/Elements, Revenue Plans and Journals)

This package was built by NetSuite experts, so you can trust that the reports will reconcile back to your NetSuite data on Day 1 and we offer fast implementation of less than 2 weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about Satori Reporting and our new SaaS Reporting Package, click HERE to talk with our team.