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Satori Reporting Acquired by Zone & Co

Satori acquired by Zone & Co to further accelerate NetSuite development in Business Intelligence.

It is with joy today that I’m announcing Satori has been acquired by Zone & Co – a renowned, US based NetSuite partner, offering world class lead-to-revenue solutions, built on NetSuite.

Since starting Satori in 2019, we’ve always had our eye on becoming a part of something bigger than just ourselves—an opportunity to transform a company's approach to business intelligence. It’s been an incredible journey so far with NetSuite, and joining Zone & Co sets a new stage and grants us almost limitless opportunities to add value to our customers' business and data operations.

3.5 years later, we’re going from a 30 person team to an almost 300 person team of highly qualified, skilled, and innovative individuals who are just as obsessed with NetSuite as we are.

“So, why Zone?” You might wonder. And what’s next? What will be the benefits of this new joint force?

Having both spent time in the NetSuite ecosystem over the last decade, it was likely for us to cross paths at some point. Satori saw immediate value and potential in being a part of the Zone vision and software portfolio.

Zone was founded in 2013 as a NetSuite Solution Provider by Derek Zanga (CEO) and Errol Fagone (CTO) – a passionate duo with a strong finance background and a very similar mission compared to ours: to make life easier for teams through cloud software built on the NetSuite platform. 

Their products, including ZoneBilling – a native NetSuite solution that is able to handle any complex billing scenario in NetSuite – are some of the most impressive products I’ve experienced and will unlock a whole new set of capabilities for our customers.

Joining forces with Zone enables us to continue down the path we’ve been on but on a larger scale. Together we can accelerate global NetSuite development and adoption with a broader product offering and extensive expertise in NetSuite and business operations. 

To everyone who has been a part of the Satori journey so far, and in the future– thank you. It’s been a privilege to work alongside you and to continue to do so, now with the incredible team at Zone. 

We couldn’t be more thrilled to embark on this exciting new chapter together.

All the best, 

Josh LaSov

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