October 2021 Power BI Update - Embedded Paginated Reports Visual with NetSuite Data

In this month’s update, we continue to showcase several use cases of the new Power BI visual that allows you to embed a Paginated Report in to a Power BI Report using the Satori Reporting Data Model for NetSuite ERP data.

To use Power BI Paginated Reports, you’ll need a Power BI Premium or Premium Per User license. See our previous blog on more details about Paginated Reporting.

In this video, we show examples of:

  1. Embedding a Power BI Paginated Report into a normal Power BI Report

  2. Filtering the Paginated Report by using existing slicers and other visuals from the normal Power BI Report.

  3. Using links in Paginated Reports to take you directly to a Power BI Report with the desired filters set appropriately for you based on data in the Paginated Report.

You can read more about Power BI Paginated Reports here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/paginated-reports/paginated-reports-report-builderpower-bi

If you’re interested in building your own Power BI Paginated Reports, Microsoft has a free course to get you started that includes 25 video lessons: Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day course - Power BI