New Feature Release - Cash Flow Forecasting Model (July 2020)

New Feature Release: Automated NetSuite Cash Flow Forecasting

Now more than ever cash flow forecasting is top of mind for our NetSuite customers. As a response to the ever growing number of requests, we have launched an automated cash flow forecasting model within our Satori Reporting & Data Warehouse SuiteApp.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Better control over your working capital

  • Ability to predict any shortfalls

  • Stronger planning for future cash outflows (i.e. your next hire)

This cash flow forecasting model is very customizable to handle your specific cash flow forecasting requirements. We pull in 100% of your NetSuite transaction lines - so we can make this process very accurate.

For those new to Satori Reporting & Data Warehouse - our full solution is turnkey, meaning it implements in <2 weeks. If you'd like to see more about NetSuite + Power BI, please e-mail us: