NetSuite Version History and Data Retention with Satori

Recently NetSuite changed the amount of days that they back-up their customers data to 60-days of version history. For a lot of customers who have SOX requirements or general risk management policies for data – 60 days doesn’t suffice. As a result, Satori offers a minimum of 365 days of version history with your NetSuite data. With Satori you can set the number of days you want to retain version history allowing your organization to always feel safe and in control of your own data.

This is important because:

  1. Data Accuracy Risk – most of our customers don’t realize they have data issues until well past 60 days which is why we capture 365 days of version history. Because these types of issues can be needles in a haystack to find – you really want to make sure you know when and by who made a change to data to unwind any errors.

  2. Audit Readiness – being able to provide your auditors with key system change data is imperative to a faster/smoother audit.

  3. SOX Compliance – knowing who, what, when and where your data changed is crucial to pass your SOX compliance tests.

While the likelihood of needing 365 days of historical version history is low, the impact of needing it is astronomical to your business. Having this level of data back-up is a very strong insurance policy for your business that is well worth the low price and no effort.