Satori Reporting + Data Warehouse for NetSuite - May Newsletter

Frequently Requested NetSuite Reports from our Customers

Making sure your reports drive home the message, meaning and accountability are key to the success of your Power BI investment. At Satori, we are here to help ensure you are successful and yield a huge ROI on your NetSuite data via Power BI. Some of the common requests we get by industry and department include but not are not limited to:


  • Inventory forecasting

  • Actual profitability across customers, items and transactions

  • Sales Performance capturing NetSuite and CRM (i.e. SalesForce) data

Software Industry:

  • Revenue & deferred revenue by item, customer and transaction (using unlimited joins across the Advanced Revenue Management module)

  • Customer churn prediction

  • Integration of SalesForce/CRM and NetSuite data to see customers end-to-end

Services Industry:

  • Job/Project profitability considering all costs (i.e. burdened labor)

  • Utilization reporting

Finance/Account Department:

  • Budget/Forecast vs Actual (customized to your exact needs)

  • Automated Management Reports (Daily not Monthly)

  • Cash flow forecasting

5 Ideas To Take Your NetSuite/Power BI Reports To The Next Level

From the Power BI Gurus over at Guys in a Cube - here is a video with 5 great ideas to take your NetSuite/Power BI reports to the next level!

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Power BI April Feature Update

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