June 2021 Power BI Update - Small Multiples

See how Small Multiples let’s you get a better grasp on side-by-side data.

Small Multiples splits a visual into multiple versions of itself, presented side-by-side, with its data partitioned across these versions by a chosen dimension. In our demo video, you can see an example of the Small Multiples feature being used to split NetSuite transaction data based on the Country of the Subsidiary the NetSuite transaction is associated with.

When using Small Multiples with the Satori Reporting Data Model for NetSuite, the result looks like this:



The feature was first available starting in December 2020, and you can read about the initial release of Small Multiples here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-small-multiples-public-preview/

In May 2021, new features were released for Small Multiples to support Date Hierarchies, as shown in our demo video, and the Small Multiples Preview Feature has been enabled by default. Microsoft also released several new details about the planned roadmap for new features related to Small Multiples. You can read more details about the upcoming features here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/small-multiples-roadmap-updates/