June 2020 Newsletter

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June 2020 Newsletter As we head into summer 2020, we have had a very busy spring helping our NetSuite customers with some key reporting and analytics challenges. We wanted to highlight a recurring challenge/request from our customers: Inventory Reporting and Forecasting The majority of our NetSuite customers whose businesses have inventory have come to us asking for a few things that they either can't do or takes a tremendous amount of time manually:

  • Tracking daily historical inventory quantity (units) and values ($) - by SKU, Location, Brand, Product Grouping, Buyer and so much more.

  • Creating KPI's to evaluate performance across their supply chain due to lack of historical inventory numbers - i.e. Inventory Turns (item and/or assembly level), Turns by Location, Turns by Product Grouping, PO Performance and Vendor Performance.

  • Forecasting Future Demand - using a combination of historical and planning assumptions to drive a forecast for demand.

  • Forecast vs. Actual Reporting - compare your forecast or forecasts against actual supply chain planning to optimize levels and to control costs.

  • Available to Promise (ATP) Reporting - providing sales teams and other decision makes with a forecast of ATP inventory across your key business segmentation to ensure you have proper stock levels to keep customers happy.

Solution: With the Satori Reporting solution, we've been able to help customers capture/snapshot all their daily inventory data (historically and prospectively) so that we can build a detailed history for them to solve the above listed key reporting requests/challenges. If you are experiencing challenges with your inventory reporting and forecasting, please don't hesitate to schedule a demo. The improvements we can help you identify in your supply chain will prove a huge ROI.

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