Google Analytics & Ads + NetSuite Data = Satori Reporting

In our February 2019 product enhancement release - we now have your google analytics & ads account joined with your NetSuite data for powerful web reporting

Get deeper answers to data questions

By amplifying your web data in Power BI, you can uncover hidden relationships or patterns that point to completely new opportunities. Ask different questions of your data to discover innovative marketing ideas and ways to attract new customers.

Explore your data in new ways

Correlate your GA data with external data trends that are influencing the marketplace. You can connect marketing data to data from other parts of the company, or import data from external sources and evaluate your web performance against industry trends.

Expand your business insights

Tracking site visitor behavior is only the beginning of measuring business and brand performance. Put Power BI to work on your Google Analytics data to help take business insights to a higher level.

Sample Satori Reporting Dashboard with NetSuite + Google Analytics & Ads

NetSuite Data + Google Analytics & Ads = All on one dashboard

With the Google integration, we can expose the following Google Analytics & Ads tables to join with your NetSuite data:

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NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant

Satori Technology, LLC

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