2022 Q1 Highlights

After achieving significant growth in 2021, we had a strong start to 2022 with our biggest quarter to date. All facets of Satori Reporting grew including customer acquisition, partner recruitment, and additional headcount for the service and support teams.

"I am proud of the team at Satori and what we have been able to accomplish this Q1 after having such a breakout year in 2021,” said Josh LaSov, CEO of Satori Reporting. “We will continue to strive to be the dominate prebuilt reporting platform for NetSuite, Intacct, and Saleforce."

Q1 2022 highlights include:

  • 60% increase in net new customers such as Daring Foods, DCK Concessions, Alvaria (formerly Aspect Software), Recteq, Spiral Cellars, Young and Associates, and ImagineSoftware

  • Significant recruitment growth in our Partner channel with additions such as Anchor Group, Meridian Business, Prolecto, and Catalyst Technology

  • The release of the SaaS Reporting package which brought enthusiastic feedback from the NetSuite customer community

  • Product enhancements to increase the flexibility and scalability of Satori’s technology

Satori remains committed to having the most flexible and feature-rich reporting platform in Power BI. To that end, there will be additional investments in product development for more solution packages in 2022 to continue the prebuilt reporting value achieved by customers on Day 1.

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