About Us

Satori Means "Sudden Enlightenment." Satori Reporting Will Bring You Reporting Enlightenment.

Our Mission

Within your applications there is a treasure chest of data. We enable your company to transform it into actionable information that yields a huge ROI.

Our Team


Josh LaSov

Founder and CEO

  • Certified NetSuite ERP Consultant having completed 100+ Implementations

  • Deep Accounting / Finance Background

  • Significant experience helping companies set their strategic plans and turn those plans into KPI targets to drive results


Jason Hendrix

Chief Technology Officer

  • 15+ years of Business Intelligence experience

  • Internationally known Power BI & Data Warehousing Expert

  • Deep experience in helping companies consolidate all their data sources for consolidated enterprise wide reporting & analytics


Paul Constantino

Head of Sales

  • 20+ years of BI/EPM Experience

  • Helped over 500 companies succeed with BI

  • Held leadership roles at Cognos, Applix, Datawatch and Qlik


Amanda Quekemeyer

Head of Business Intelligence

  • 20 years of business experience across a variety of industries, organizational structures, and company sizes, with an extensive background in accounting and finance

  • 8 years of experience in business intelligence as both an analyst and a developer

  • Able to utilize and apply functional and technical experience to solve business challenges and add enterprise value through roadmap analysis and data strategy


Jimmy Masterson, CPA

Director of Professional Services

  • Functional (accounting/finance) and Technical (developer) skillset

  • Big 4 Background

  • Expert in helping your company quickly stand up reports and analytics utilizing his unique technical/functional background


Austin Allen

Senior Implementation Technician

  • 3 Years of experience as a NetSuite administrator

  • 3 Years of Power BI experience

  • Passionate about helping people solve problems and improve processes through data


Jaci Burleson

Senior BI Developer

  • 4+ years of experience with Power BI and Tabular Models

  • Ability to efficiently manage large projects

  • Strong ability to translate customers’ needs into usable data to make business-related decisions


Nicky DeCarlo

Business Development Representative


Kevin Hamilton

Senior Business Intelligence Developer

  • MCSA BI Reporting; MCSA Data Engineer

  • 10+ years Business Intelligence & Software Engineering experience

  • Specializing in Big Data and Modern Data Warehouse development utilizing Azure Data Services


Lauren Hansen

Customer Success Manager

  • 5 years CRM experience

  • Background in analytics and data 


Erica Jin, PHD

Senior Implementation Technician

  • 9+ years of Business Intelligence experience

  • Extensive experience in analyzing data

  • Creating Power BI reports and Paginated reports

  • Hands on experience in consolidating data from different sources and data modeling


Joel Kawira

Implementation Specialist


Brian Leddo

Product Developer

  • 8+ years of Business Intelligence experience in a financial environment

  • 5+ years of Power BI end to end development and delivery

  • Passionate problem solver with a great work ethic. Will go beyond expectations for the customer. 


Ken Loewen, CPA, CGMA

Engagement Manager

  • Former CFO

  • MCSA      | BI Reporting from Microsoft

  • Developed Power BI reporting for public and private sectors.

  • Authored numerous Power BI training courses


Russ Matthews

Senior BI Consultant

  • 6+ years of Supply Chain Management

  • 11+ years of data analytics

  • Extensive experience in helping companies optimize inventory management through data analytics uses real-time data


Scott Pickering, CPA

Engagement Manager

  • Big 4 CPA and CFO for public and private enterprises

  • Accounting and Computer Information Systems background

  • 20+ years’ experience reporting/business intelligence and visualizations


Dave Smith

Professional Services Team Lead

  • 15+ years of Business Intelligence experience

  • 5+ years of Power BI experience

  • Passionate about transforming your data into actionable insights to help your organization’s business decisions


John Spanos

Senior Business Intelligence Architect

  • 20+ years of Business Intelligence experience

  • Power BI & Data Warehousing Expert

  • ERP/CRM data source expert


Allan Tam, CFA

Senior BI Consultant

  • 10+ years of Business Intelligence and Analytics experience

  • Power BI and data visualization expert skilled at bridging the gap between technology and business operations

  • A pragmatic problem solver with a proven track record


Jeremy Wheeler

Sales Manager

  • Over 6 years of NetSuite user experience

  • Former NetSuite/Oracle Sales Consultant

  • 2 years of helping customers leverage technology to optimize business practices


Sean Wigler

Channel Sales Manager

  • Former NetSuite Sales Consultant

  • Passionate about helping Clients and Partners by optimizing NetSuite with Power BI

  • Relationship driven focused on mutually beneficial partnerships


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