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What is Satori Reporting

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Our Value

Unlimited Joins Across Records/Transaction

NetSuite Saved Searches limit you to one join - Satori Reporting supports unlimited joins.

One Reporting Tool For All Your Data Sources

One Version of the truth! Join Data from any source (hundreds of pre-built connectors).

Modeling / Analytics

Solve for Specific Business Problems/Questions.

All Your Reporting Needs In One Tool

Enterprise wide (i.e. Financial + Operational) reporting all in one tool - for one version of the truth reporting!

Time Savings = Automate Reporting + Excel Reduction / Elimination

Our reports/dashboards in PowerBl automatically refresh (reducing time spent by 50-100%) and getting you out of excel hell.

Data Backup / Disaster Recovery

Do you have access to your data to run your business in the event your source system goes down? How much would a day of no access cost your business?

What's Included

What's Included

  1. NetSuite Saved Search Connector
  2. NetSuite Pre-Built Data Model
  3. Scalable Platform to integrate all your other data sources
  4. Pre-built Reports and Dashboards with ability to embed back inside NetSuite
  5. Less than 2 week Implementation
  6. 2-day Power BI Training
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Industry Solutions for:

Industry Solutions for:

Software Industry

Inventory Based Companies

Services Industry

Financial Reporting

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